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I’ve been doing some clean up on the blog and wanted to call your attention to one thing. With all the press the US Supreme Court has received lately, I’ve added a link on the Blogroll to the go-to website for all things Supreme Court: Scotusblog. Scotusblog (SCOTUS is short for Supreme Court of the United States) is widely considered THE place to go for information about US Supreme Court cases and is consulted by many in the media, as well as the legal profession.

The blog, originally started by two appellate lawyers, now employs several people including Lyle Denniston, the dean of Supreme Court reporters, who’s been reporting for over 50 years. The blog also does a neat series called Plain English, breaking down cases so lay people can better understand them.

If you’re interested in any of the recent US Supreme Court cases, Scotusblog is the place to go.


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