My How Time Flies

It’s been 10 (!!) months since my last post, and I have no idea where the time went. Yikes! So I’ve decided to rededicate myself to the blog and hope to post weekly. I’ve also let go of the idea that I should keep the blog limited to only a couple topics. My head doesn’t really work that way, so I’ve decided to stop fighting my urge to post about other legally-related topics. You, dear reader, can expect a little more randomness.

So what’s on my radar? Well, it’s election season. And while the presidential election will naturally take up most of the headlines, there are other, under-the-radar races that have a big impact on the citizens of this great state. For example, there are 3 Washington Supreme Court elections, and there’s a good chance 2 of them will be decided in the primary in August. It’s hard to find good, reliable information about judges, and it’s hard for the general public to know what makes a good judge. So I plan to post my thoughts about what I look for in judicial candidates and my thoughts on some of the races.

Similarly, we will be electing an Insurance Commissioner and a new Attorney General this year. Those are important races for consumers because the Insurance Commissioner regulates insurance companies and penalizes them when they’ve broken the law. And the Attorney General enforces laws designed to protect consumers. I’ll have some thoughts on those candidates, as well.

On a completely different note, there are several insurance cases at the Washington Supreme Court that are noteworthy because of their impact on consumers. If my timing is good, I will hopefully be able to blog about the opinions.

Up next, though, is a post about lawyer ethics and client solicitation.

I have no doubt there will be other things that pop up, too. So here’s to being back in the blogging saddle!


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