What is covered by your homeowner’s insurance?

Insurance is important to have, whether it’s auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, commercial or professional insurance. We all know this. Sometimes bad things happen and it’s nice to know you’re covered just in case. But how many of you have actually read your insurance policies cover to cover and know what’s actually covered and what isn’t? The Office of the Insurance Commissioner for our fair state maintains a very helpful website with a blog and recently posted about 10 things your homeowner’s insurance typically doesn’t cover.

For example, these problems are generally not covered:

    • Slow leaks
    • Flooding
    • Foundation settling and cracking
    • Mold, mildew or dry rot
    • A home business
    • A second residence on the property

You should read the post for yourself. And for heaven’s sake, go read your insurance policy!! If something is not covered, you may be able to purchase separate insurance for it, like earthquake or flood damage. And consult with a lawyer if your insurance company is refusing to pay for something you think is covered.


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