As if there aren’t enough law blogs out there…

Yes, we’re throwing our hats in the blogging ring because, hey, what’s one more law blog, right? 

Why start a blog now, you ask? (Or at least I’ll pretend you asked.) We went to the Washington State Association for Justice convention this past weekend and one of the seminars offered was on marketing. I came away with the distinct impression that those of us lawyers who aren’t blogging are considered stuck in the dark ages. Soooo, here we are.

What’s this blog all about, you ask? (Yeah, yeah, I’m just pretending again.) We hope to offer our (hopefully) interesting take on legal developments affecting our clients, whether that’s commenting on recent appellate cases, legal-related stories in the news, or our personal experiences. I can’t promise that we won’t occasionally stray off topic, though.

Come along for the ride.


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